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Natural Park Santa Lucía (Vejer de la Frontera).

Unique places

Unique places

This natural environment, known as the "place of Los Molinos, located 3 Km. of Vejer, the people to which it belongs is hamlet, is declared a Natural Monument for its wealth of landscape.

Currently, Santa Lucia, has about 193 inhabitants, who base their economy on agriculture; in their lands there are abundant vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Account with an exuberant vegetation, due to the richness of the soil and the amount of water existing, since it is located in the slope of the plateau of la Muela.

Next to the aqueduct of romanoque possibly origin is found in this natural seven windmills were built of water (five, at present) of the 15th century, which were used to grind wheat and flour. At the present time are preserved certain parts of these, as for example, the remains of the cubes and several grinding stones.

The water, which comes from the Source of the Tooth, is in its day conducted through a delicate work of engineering that taking advantage of the natural unevenness of the ground, or by creating them artificially through aqueducts, allows the operation of five mills called: Santa Lucia, Pit, Batan, armadillos and Miraflores. Cross-cutting leads to the main water vein give rise to irrigation of the orchards of the environment.

All of these mills were the property of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, who charged a rent for its use. At the beginning of the 20th century the Count of Villariezo inherits Santa Lucia of the Ducal House and creates a power company, which supplied electricity and water to the population of Vejer, becoming one of the first peoples in these services in private homes.

The network of municipal water became in 1949, following the water in property of the Villariezo. In 1978 the town bought the springs.

Santa Lucia, thanks to its lush vegetation and beauty has become an important place to enjoy the rural tourism.