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The gastronomy in Vejer De La Frontera | Typical dishes



The gastronomy in Vejer de la Frontera has as a basis the rich beef retinta, a race indigenous to the land, the fish, especially tuna areas very close how to Barbate, and vegetables of the area of the Janda, of excellent quality. In addition, the Arabic influence has a fairly clear.

The kitchen based on the gastronomy of Vejer is traditional: vegetables and vegetables so typical of the area and little known outside of the province of Cadiz, as the tagarnina or Cardillo, the juicy red tuna traps of Barbate, or the meat of cattle deep purple, a race of flesh that I recommend you try it, because it is very tasty as pasta in freedom in the countryside of Vejer, not to mention the variety and quality in wines typical of the earth: Fine Shellfish, Clarito or Moscatel Oro.

In Vejer you can delight dishes as rich as the stew of Spanish oister plants, which is a wild herb leaves and thorny stems, a good dish of snails only in season from may to june, the chestnuts, the gazpacho, pulley, the twisted rolls of Holy Week, the bread that is a sweet bread and there is normal or bisque.

The traditional way is still performed at the butchers sausages and cured meats typical as the spine of butter, black pudding and morcones.

Did you know that Vejer is surely the people of the province of Cadiz with the most famous sweets of Lent?

The sweets are very basic ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, water and a touch of spices, perhaps Arabic heritage.

There is also that destar confectionery of clear Andalusian influence, hard bread, desserts such as cakes or the vejeriegas rosquetes of Holy Week that are artisan with cinnamon, flour, butter and sugar.